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Have you ever had a storm come through your community and not sure if you have damage? Or found obvious damage after a storm, like a leak or a tree through your roof?


  You will need a knowledgeable contractor that deals with insurance claims on a day to day basis. We will come out to inspect your home for a FREE NO OBLIGATION inspection, take pictures, take measurements and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE so you can contact your insurance provider and inform them that you have had an inspection by a reputable company and wish for an adjuster to come out to inspect for themselves. We will meet your adjuster on inspection day to ensure all your damaged property is paid in full by your insurance company. This helps the homeowner when it comes to dealing with insurance claims that most homeowners are not familiar with. We take care of the entire project from start to finish.


  If you have a storm come through your neighborhood and wish to know if you have a claim worthy of filing, please don't hesitate to call the experts at N&R Roofing, LLC today!!!

This is a slope that was destroyed by a hail storm. Hail will damage your roof extensively and deplete years of life from it. Making the right decision for your contracting needs is imperative for your inspection on adjustment day.

Was your old roof completely stripped down to the decking? If it wasn't don't worry, we will ensure that your insurance pays for proper tear off and replacement. We will NEVER come to you for an out of pocket expense that your insurance company isn't willing to pay.

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